Our History

I History

Virtual Staff Save Inc. started out in 2007 as a homebased company. It offered a wide array of online services such as Non-voice (Chat/Email) Live Support, Customer Service and Technical Support, Online Research, SEO and Virtual Assistance.

After a year in the business, it operated under the business name of MkTrilogy BPO Solutions and served a specific client that required full-time, long-term service. The second year brought in more people and two major long-term accounts. In 2011, the company welcomed another addition to the company in the form of the SEO Content Writing Team. The company aims to continuously grow and incorporate additional services such as Telemarketing in the near future.

Out of the many homebased operations in Cebu City within the past few years, Virtual Staff Save Inc. is one of the few that made it big. It is currently based at the 3rd floor of the JESA-ITC Building in Mango Avenue, one of the business hubs in the metro. It is the first, and currently the only, BPO-SEO company that is recognized by the Philippine Economic Zone Authority. It offers expertise as a quality service provider of Virtual Assistants, Live & Technical Support, Customer Service as well as Search Engine Optimization.

Dynamic and expanding, Virtual Staff Save Inc. is powered by the motivation to excel in everything it engages in. It places utmost importance on providing the highest quality service. It aims to communicate effectively with the client and know each one by heart. The topmost goal of Virtual Staff Save is to offer world class service with very low costs without comprimising the quality at the slightest bit.

II Mission and Vision

Vision Statement

High Quality PLUS Cost-Effectiveness PLUS World Class Service = Virtual Staff Save Inc.

Virtual Staff Save Inc. aims to become the ultimate go-to guy in the Global Outsourcing and Internet Marketing Arena. It shall offer the whole spectrum of services that small to middle-scale businesses can make use of to maximize the possibilities the World Wide Web has to offer.

Mission Statement

Guided by its vision, it is the mission of Virtual Staff Save Inc. to provide the best quality service at the most friendly rates. It seeks to know each and every client on a personal level with the aim to fully and understand the pertinent needs and requirements and be able to present the most ideal web solutions for the sole purpose of achieving excellence and success in the client’s every related endeavor.


III Virtual Staff Save: Why It Is Better Than Your Homebased Option

Virtual Staff Save Inc.


Ample monitoring and supervision May report work hours without actually doing so
Robust main Internet connection PLUS back-up connection Single connection, which means inability to work if connection is unavailable
24/7 stable electricity PLUS standby generator Brownouts and blackouts result to zero productivity
Large workgroup ensures completion of work; Absence of one can be made up for by many others Absence of individual assigned to work means no output
Quality work at friendly prices Unproven and questionable quality


*This is not to discredit homebased workers. After all, it is where Virtual Staff Save Inc. itself started out. The comparison exists mainly to highlight the advantages of choosing Virtual Staff Save Inc. over the other option.